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I had two days to kill between my month stay in the Canaries and when my lease in Berlin started. At first I kicked myself for planning so poorly. But the concert gods must have been watching over me, because when I looked at Depeche Mode’s tour schedule, I found they were playing in Cologne right in the middle of more»

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Depeche Mode Facebook Takeover: Day 1 (Jenna Rose Robbins profile photo)
I had all but given up on attending the exclusive, winner/invite-only Depeche Mode concert at Berlin’s Funkhaus. If you’d known me twentysomething years ago, this would surprise you, as I was not known for giving up on most things, let alone the chance to see such an exclusive show, the unofficial first of the Global Spirit Tour. But even though more»

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Best Playa del Rey, California, condos on Airbnb

If you’re considering Airbnb for your next trip, you’ll want to do your research before you make a booking, particularly if the listing has a strict cancellation policy.


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Best Playa del Rey condos on Airbnb

One of the most important parts of the Airbnb home profile is the photography. With that in mind, here are some tips to making your pics the best they can be.


Jenna Rose Robbins, August 16, 2014, blog, Music
Everything Counts by Depeche Mode and a LEGO band

This video doesn’t have quite the cute factor that the South American Depeche Mode-loving family has, but it’s still rather impressive — and appealing to us nerds.


Jenna Rose Robbins, May 22, 2013, blog, Music
Rockabye Baby: Depeche Mode lullabies

Somebody brilliant came up with the perfect baby gift for little rockers and their music-loving parents.


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A bluegrass band plays on the porch of the Temecula Olive Oil Company.

Temecula’s reputation as wine region is growing — and with good reason. But there’s another flavor in town you also shouldn’t miss.


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Songs of Faith and Devotion album art Depeche Mode

When I workshopped the story in grad school, my class convinced me to call it Just Can’t Get Enough, but that’s always been one of my least favorite Depeche Mode songs. So, I’m turning to the masses to help me decide.


Jenna Rose Robbins, September 21, 2012, blog, Featured, Music, Writing

Are you the ultimate music fanatic? Have you done something over the top in the name of your favorite band? If so, I want to hear your story!


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An update on the latest draft of my book.


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