I Heart YVR

Vancouver Airport (YVR) is chock full of regional art.

Vancouver Airport is chock full of regional art.

There’s a reason I prefer trains to airplanes: no airports.

But if more airports were like Vancouver’s, air travel would be so much more pleasant. From the moment you arrive at the international terminal in YVR (fun fact: all Canadian airport codes start with Y), you feel more serene than harried, what with the Zen-like waterfall escorting you down the escalator, then down the corridor as it turns into a pebbly brook. Around every corner is another piece of native artwork, from the Haida piece at the top of the cascade to totem poles and other aboriginal designs.

Aboriginal art at Vancouver's YVR airport, British Columbia

Aboriginal art at YVR

But what I loved most was the convenience. Unlike at JFK, which wanted to charge me
$4.95 per hour for Internet use, YVR’s Internet connection was free. FREE! Total time in line through security: three minutes. And the security officials? I saw nary a smile at JFK, but YVR was all grins. Top it all off with a killer logo and you’ve got my favoritest airport on the globe (thus far).

JFK, take heed: Be more like YVR and maybe less people (myself included) will bitch about you.

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