Pair Networks Goes Green

I’ve been thinking about changing web hosts — not because I haven’t been satisfied with Pair Networks, but because I felt the need to put my money where my mouth is and to go with a carbon-neutral service provider. Lo and behold, during a recent communication with tech support, I noticed — at the very bottom of the signature file — that Pair has gone green.

Why is Pair not touting this more heavily? There’s no mention of it on their homepage and it’s buried in the comparison of services chart. Hell, they went green more than a year ago, and I, an eco-concerned customer who visits their site regularly, had no clue.

C’mon, Pair marketing folks! Get on it! Make sure all the green sites out there know about you, so you can get on their lists of eco-friendly web hosts. What’s the point of going through the trouble of going green if you’re not letting people know?

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