How Green Is Your Destination?

I’m a sucker for quizzes, even though I know from the moment I click the very first improbable multiple-choice answer that I’m going to be disappointed. I’m going to rail against whatever idiot wrote the answer key that declares me so un-green I’m brown or so uneducated about the planet that I might have grown up on Mars.

So I was only slightly perturbed by the 75 I scored on the Sierra Club’s recent “How Green Is My Destination?” quiz. How serious can you take a quiz when question 4 suggests that once you get to your destination you should “Go somewhere and stay put”? It’s a travel quiz, people, not a stationary quiz. Not only were some of the provided answers questionable, some of the more pertinent answers weren’t even on there.

How do you get to your destination? for example. In some parts of the world, it’s much more eco-friendly to travel via train — despite the distance — than by boat, car, or plane. What about the country or city’s penchant for doing green? Supporting sustainable destinations — not just the hotel or lodging — is just as important as how far they are, or whether or not you use mass transit once you get there. Conversely, if your transportation methods are questionable but your reason for visiting — especially with voluntourism on the rise — is entirely green, that too should be taken into account. But it isn’t.

Ten half-assed questions ain’t gonna cut it, Sierra Club. But read the quiz anyway, if you’re so inclined.

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