Adventure Travel as Undergraduate Degree

Now, why the heck didn’t they have this as a major when I went to school? Arizona’s Prescott College is now offering an undergraduate degree in Adventure Education, a discipline that includes courses ranging from Aboriginal Living Skills to Environmental Perspectives and White Water Rafting. Seriously. I would have been much more likely to show up for my 8AM if it had involved kayaking a cool mountain stream rather than analyzing the text of depressed French existentialists. I wonder what the dorms are like — homemade yurts? Lean-tos? Recycled cast-offs from the architecture school?

Arizona’s climate and topography offer a killer location for a variety of adventure disciplines, albeit not my favorite: diving. For that you have to take one of the off-site, south-of-the-border classes that heads to the Gulf of Mexico.

Several other universities — including Colorado’s Fort Lewis College, Idaho State University, and the University of New Hampshire — offer similar, competing disciplines. I’d consider returning to school if Hawaii would come up with a similar master’s program. Hells yeah.

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