I Have to Give Up My Nalgene Bottle???

For the past several years, I’ve been touting the benefits of reusable plastic bottles, such as those made by Nalgene. I’ve been through several bottles — lost some, left some on airplanes, broke one after it plummeted 35 feet off a waterfall — and have loved their convenience and perceived healthfulness over their toss-away cousins. Now National Geographic Adventure‘s newest blog informs me that my health is at risk due to the presence of BPA (bisphenol A, a component of polycarbonate). BPA is so bad, in fact, that Health Canada has officially declared it dangerous to humans (and probably other critters as well).

I began using Nalgene bottles after my crunchiest of friends told me of the evils of disposable plastic bottles — not just the landfill they create, but how they begin to break down over time and can leach chemicals into the liquid they contain. Ironic that the bottle that was supposed to protect me from these chemicals has been shown to attack me with its own breed of evil.

The good news is that Nalgene will begin making bottles without polycarbonate, but I haven’t yet been able to find a source that says when this will happen.

The bad news is that many other containers — including baby bottles — often contain BPA. Looks like it’s back to good ol’ glass. It may cut you, but it’s better than cancer — or man-breasts.

More info:
Nalgenes Pulled From Shelves

What to do with your old polycarbonate bottles:

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