Fly to Tokyo, Get Free Weed

Now that’s what I call a frequent-flier perk. In a failed airport security test, an unsuspecting passenger at Narita International Airport, outside Tokyo, was gifted with 142 grams (about 5 ounces) of cannabis after a customs officer hid the package in his luggage. When drug-sniffing canines failed to find the unintentional contraband, the passenger slipped away with the package.

In an equally bizarre twist to the story, officials put out a request that the stash be returned — and it was. After the passenger found the illegal stash — worth about ¥1 million, or just over $10,000 — he played his role of honorable citizen by reporting it to police.

Before you start planning your next trip to Japan, unpack the munchies and keep in mind that this “test” was not standard procedure. Customs officers are required to use a training suitcase — not just some random Joe’s.

Full story:

And for those who speak Japanese, enjoy this video:

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