Pele Erupts With Fury

Hawaii's infamous volcanoes

Hawaii’s infamous volcanoes

When I visited the Big Island back in November, one of my main to-do’s was to see lava. Unfortunately, Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, didn’t have that in her plans, and the many helicopter and plane flights I’d booked were all canceled due to inclement weather. In the past, visitors had been able to view the lava flow from the ground, but during my visit, only aerial tours made the view accessible. And now Pele has changed plans.

The lava flow is once again visible to day-hikers.

“Visitors should know that if they follow precautions, come prepared, and listen to officials, the volcanic activity on Hawai’i Island is not only fascinating to witness, it’s also safe,” said George Applegate, Executive Director of the Big Island Visitors Bureau. “A contingent of scientists, local and federal officials are keeping close tabs on the situation, and keeping the public well informed,” he said.

Ah, if only Pele had been so gracious during my visit. But that only gives me another reason to return to one of my favorite islands on the planet.

For visitors wishing to view the lava flow, click here for the latest updates.

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