Frequent Flyers, Cast Your Votes!

You may not get invited to the Grammys. You’re sure as hell not going with Brad Pitt to the Oscars. And you’ve missed the Golden Globes (and weren’t even asked to vote, dagnabbit.) But there’s one award ceremony you can still take part in: The Freddies.

Yes, frequent travelers, you too can give your backing to your favorite hotel chain or airline, with no worries of hanging chads or butterfly ballots.

And if you live in Florida, rest assured that here, at least, your vote actually does count.

Voting ends February 29th, so vote early and vote often.

In case you’re wondering, the Freddies were named for British airline entrepreneur Sir Freddie Laker. And if you’re not familiar with this travel-industry pioneer, you’d best be clicking that link to Wikipedia. He influenced Richard Branson, for Pete’s sake.

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