The Internet Says I Should Vote for Dennis Kucinich

I’ll be the first to admit: I had no idea who Dennis Kucinich was before two separate websites told me that he was the candidate whose ideals most closely mirror my own. So, I did a little searching, and told me this about My Ideal Political Match (who shares an 85% match with my beliefs):

Dennis Kucinich was born on October 8, 1946. He is a Democrat from Ohio. He has served the 10th District of Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1996. Prior to this he was mayor of Cleveland, Ohio. Kucinich is a self-described “Wellstone Democrat.”

It’s kind of like using an Internet dating service: I plug in my likes/dislikes, and the computer spits back those individuals it sees as most compatible with me, at which point I go, “You’ve got to be kidding! How could you possibly think we have anything in common?” Thus I learned that I’m more likely to have an amiable chat over tea with Hillary (75%) than with Barack or Edwards (both 72%). Christopher Dodd (80%) may have scored higher than Hill, but I can’t bring myself to vote for someone who doesn’t stand a chance in the polls. That would be like dating a musician at this point in my life: sounds like a grand Bohemian dream, but it just ain’t realistic in the long run.

Kucinich’s very impartial site even suggested another website where I could glean more about my political leanings: Based on the coder’s personal blog, I can’t say for sure this widget is at all unbiased, but even a third site ( told me that Kucinich’s my guy — edging out Barack Obama by 3%, with 77%; Hillary took a dive, hitting 66% (tying her with Al Gore, oddly enough).

I’d love to hear how these sites worked for others, if you have the chance to play along at home.

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