Iloho Travel Photo Contest

Think you’ve got killer travel snaps? Then enter’s travel photo contest. What the hell’s Iloho? I asked myself the same thing when I got the press release, and the website itself offered few answers as to the oddity of its moniker. But there are prizes! If you’re willing to give up copyright to your images, of course. Then again, are you really going to sell that pic of you mom on the lanai, Diamond Head looming in the background, to T+L? Yeah, probably not. So why not upload it here?

Some info on the contest:

There is no cap on the number of images competition entrants can upload and no parameters on inspiration; any landmark, natural or constructed, from any corner of the globe that generates an interesting photograph is eligible. The first one hundred users to submit ten pictures or more will automatically receive a 1GB USB stick or a travel sized iPod/MP3 speaker, perfect for photographers on their travels.

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