RIP, Mel Shavelson

I only had Mel Shavelson for one grad school class, one so crammed with other students that I’m sure he never realized whether or not I was there. But I liked the guy. He had a passion about his work. His love of teaching was evident, and even he must have known that he could tend to drone, because he often punctuated his pre-written introductions of guest speakers with hidden barbs and sly one-liners.

Mel, you will be missed.

Read: USC announcement of his passing

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  1. Heather

    Poor Mel. I remember going to his house some years back on Sunshine Terrace with our class. I admired his Early American motif. Very purist in his decor. Very much a time and space that existence had passed by. I recall his wife was ill at the time, but he was the host with the most, regaling us with tales of old Hollywood bitch slaps while serving us dry red wine and old Euro-style nibbles. He was a gentleman to the end.

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