Best Countries to Move To

Give me sunshine. Give me fresh air. Give me a high GNP. While you’re at it, give me easy access to wine, cheese, culture, and a lair in which to escape all of the above. But more than that, give me freedom from the insanity that is known as organized religion. I don’t know who “organized” these numb nuts, but they sure as hell didn’t adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order, Dewey Decimals, or Martha Stewart’s plastic-bin system. In fact, the whole approach looks rather messy from my vantage point. And, being a creature of orderliness and efficiency, I just won’t have it. None of it.

So, when next I pack my backs for parts abroad or unknown, I’ll use the following list as a guide as to where I might next hang my board and lay my head: Least Religious Countries

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  1. Heather

    I knew there had to be a reason why I intuitively respect the Scandinavians.

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