Save the Great White Shark! (Seriously)

You may not think that sharks need protection. After all, the most fiercesome of the sea’s denizens is an apex predator. Jaws sure as hell doesn’t need a bodyguard. Right?

Because we humans like to kill them, that’s why — and sometimes for no better reason than because we can. That’s one of the reasons why our South-of-the-Border neighbors recently declared Isla Guadalupe a biosphere reserve, to protect waters known to be a haven for the largest predatory fish in the sea. (Another reason, of course, is that the tourism industry that has sprung up around this far-off rock brings in tidal waves of money.)

If Mexico — a country where they still paint donkeys to look like zebras — can get their act together for such an altruistic purpose, why can’t the rest of the so-called free world?

Now go check out my shark videos:

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