Hawaii With the Sis

I’m in the midst of planning my first trip in more than 10 years with big sis Ilene. We hit Nassau, Bahamas, a dozen years ago, right before I boarded the ship for Semester at Sea, and although we’ve been on a trip or two since, we’ve always had a gaggle of pint-sized tag-alongs. Our trip to the Big Island will be our first sister-only vacation since we had the pleasure of finding a dead cockroach in our toothbrush holder at the Radisson Cable Beach in January 1995.

Got some tips on what we should do on Hawaii? I’ve already come up with some ideas, but I’m open to suggestions. Keep in mind that sis no longer enjoys sunbathing and won’t join me on such excursions as the night dive with manta rays. I’m still trying to coax her into a helicopter ride over lava fields.

Ilene enjoys: shopping, horseback riding, dining, shopping, making fun of me, massages, shopping, and the occasional museum.

I enjoy: hiking, diving, putting my life in peril, dining, making fun of her, and the occasional museum.

Ideas? We’d love to hear them.

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