My Brother, Minus a Finger

Haven’t heard from my bro in months, only to get pinged by him today to tell me he has some cool pics I have to see. I think, well, it’s gotta be pics of our niece and nephew, since his MySpace page is full of them. But nooooooo… Instead I get gnarly shots that made me want to hurl chunks on my computer screen while I’m working.

And now I’m sharing with you. Because I’m caring that way.

My brother's missing finger. Appetizing, no?Long story short: Seven years ago, bro ripped off the top of his finger in his motorcycle chain. It’s been bothering him ever since and had gotten so bad that it was impairing his other fingers, so he had it removed this morning. Luckily, he wasn’t planning on using his ring finger any time soon. Thank goodness it wasn’t the other finger, which he uses a good deal more frequently and which would have suffered a great loss in impact had it been cut down at the first joint.

My brother's finger is missing. Where'd it go?

See his take on the magic finger trick.

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    WOW your Brother is sooo cool LOLOLOLOLOL

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