Houston, We Have Lift-Off

I only started my new gig a week before Christmas, but already it feels as I’ve been there for years — in a good way. The people are phenomenal and the work has been well worth it. And yesterday we finally launched the site that so many people have toiled over for way longer than I’ve been there.

Already it’s been a rewarding experience, so much more so than my previous gig. (Condolences — congratulations, really — to all my ex-co-workers who are now unemployed, or who are on their way to being so.) And I have all my pals at work to thank for it. I’ve enjoyed coming into work (despite the commute, which I knew about when I accepted this position, even though I’d previously promised myself I’d never work more than half an hour away again) and it feels great to show my friends and family the site I’ve been working on. The 13-hour days have paid off.

Check out my labor of love: http://www.family.com. If you don’t, that’s okay. I work there, so I can find your IP address and hunt down you slackers who call yourselves friends. Then I’ll break into your homes and log on to your computers just to get the extra unique page views. And I’ll eat all the cheese in your fridge while I do so.

Carry on, now.

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