The Sharkiest Place on Earth

After several months of waiting, I finally get to see my great white article on AOL Travel. It’s on the front page today, and it’s supposed to be on the Welcome Screen Monday, so I’m hoping it’ll get a lot of traffic. For some reason, they used a generic photo rather than my brilliant one of a great white chomping on some bait. But what can you do?

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  1. Bob Baxter /

    I found your story on AOL amazing
    your website is great too
    I’m a retired cop who loves the outdoors and had an experince fishing once with a small white shark off montauk NY I remember the boat’s Captain saying ” put down those poles and if anyone has a camera get it out, you’ll only see this once in a lifetime” It seemed so big it looked like a sub surfacing the only photo that came out clearly was of the dorsal fin which I’m going to attempt to contact my buddy for. The Captain said it was 10-12 feet and a white shark amazing experience!!!!!!!!!

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