Job Timeline (aka Talk About Your Writer’s Block)

Because I don’t have the energy to talk about my New Year’s in Baja, I’ll just steal a meme once again, this time from that vixen of the Northwest, Bitter Heather. (Props to you, dear.)

Places I’ve Worked
c. 1982 Sold flower seeds door to door — West Hempstead, Long Island
c. 1985-86 Paper route (shared with neighbor)
1987-1988 Housekeeper for Dad’s co-worker
1988-1989 J. Callaway’s Christmas — Roosevelt Field Mall, Long Island (store clerk)
1989-1992 Carl Wah Kitchen — Long Island (Chinese takeout — cashier and delivery)
1990 Camp Blue Bay — East Hampton, Long Island (summer counselor)
1991 Ocean World Lines — NYC (intern/CG animator)
1992-1994 Michigan Union — Ann Arbor, MI (hostess/caterer/waitress)
1993 Fine Line Features — NYC (intern)
1992 Peretti’s Italian Kitchen — NYC (waitress)
1994 MLB Media Lab, University of Michigan — Ann Arbor (manager/bane of media students’ existence)
1995 Semester at Sea — international ship (work study admin to dean)
1995 The Swan Club — LI (caterer — three weeks)
1995 Tri-Starr — Lancaster, PA (temp — two weeks)
1995-96 64 Greenwich Ave — Greenwich, CT (waitress)
1996 Blue Sky Studios — Ossining/Harrison, NY (production assistant)
1997 Various productions — LA (PA, production coordinator, peon, etc.)
1997 MGM Studios — Santa Monica, CA (admin)
1997 Various productions — LA (script reader)
1997-present (freelance editor)
1999-2000 — Van Nuys, CA (managing editor)
2009-2001 Sapient Corp. — LA (content manager)
2001-2006 [Web USA] CityGuide — Santa Monica/Beverly Stupid Hills (senior editor)
2007 The Mouse House — North Hollywood, CA (sr. producer)

I’m sure I’m missing a few, but that’s the CV in a nutshell. Someone overseas, please hire me. Please.

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