The End of an Error

It’s official. I gave notice at AOL last week to accept a position at Disney Internet Group, a place that — as far as I could tell from the scant time I was there interviewing — seems far more together than the CityGuide department where I’ve toiled away for the last 6+ years. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at CityGuide (formerly Digital City), but the place has been on a downward slide for some time now. Anyone who looks at the staffing numbers can see that.

I’ll continue to work at expanding my freelance career, not because I want to supplement my income, but because I actually enjoy writing about music, travel, et al. At Disney, I’ll be helping to relaunch an entire new site for a major corporation — a dream opportunity for any creative professional. Who would pass that up? I’ll refrain from elaboration (on either company). These corporate folks Google this crap all the time. But anyone who knows me well enough knows that I wouldn’t make a jump like this lightly — especially when it means cutting my vacation time in half.

Be psyched for me. Seriously.

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  1. trimbo

    Disney? Coolio! Get me some Desperate Housewives schwag.

    Hey, I noticed you were listening to Muse on your Myspace blog. That new disc kicks ass.

  2. trimbo

    Hey, Disney! Coolio. Pick me up some of that Desperate Housewives schwag. HUGE fan. Kidding.

    I saw on your Myspace blog that you were listening to Muse when you posted this. Nice. That’s a great new album.

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